Life After Articling

I finished my articles in June of 2016, after which I took some much needed time to travel across Europe. 

Before I left on a two week journey with Contiki Tours, I remember a lot of partners and associates encouraging me to take time off and rest between articling and starting my practice.   The articling experience is intense and requires a lot of mental energy over the course of just a few short months.  Not to mention that immediately prior to my articles I exerted a lot of mental energy studying, preparing, and writing the Bar exam.  I say all of this because even I didn't realize that I had not stopped to take a break from since I started law school in 2012.  

I decided to dedicate my first blog series to my travels.  This series will be entitled "Life after Articling" and will chronicle my journey across 8 European cities in two weeks!  I will discuss what to expect if/when you chose Contiki for your next vacation and what I learned while traveling to each city.