Casual Fri-YAY!

Denim day has never looked better.  Here's how I reinvent suiting up for everyone's favourite day-- Fri-YAY! 

On most Fridays we ditch the suit and opt for denim, but some Friday's require adding a little edge to an otherwise casual day.  Here's how I like to hit the coffee shop on Fridays for my 3 pm pick-me-up. 

 Quick 3 P.M. coffee run

Outfit Coordinates
Club Monaco x Guess x Carlo Pazolini

Here's a tip: Once you covered your basics (black, grey and navy), add in a denim or patterned suit to jazz up your wardrobe.  A denim suit offers a great deal of flexibility and flair to your wardrobe.  It's easy, take the blazer off and pair the slacks with a casual collared tee and no one would be able to tell the difference between your designer denim jean.  If you need to take a meeting, toss the blazer back on and you'll have an effortlessly chic look.  The blazer is sleek and gives you a clean, crisp look.  I like to pair this suit with a short-sleeved collared shirt. The shirt hits perfectly at the waist, lending to the overall casual look.

Captured by Eklektikvisuals