When I worked retail, I was really passionate about menswear.  It was a dream of my mine to eventually transition into management with a high-end men's retailer.  Sadly, I never made the transition (an opted to continue on to law school), but I do find that my most rewarding style experiences come from putting together looks and shopping for male clients.  Don't get me wrong, I adore women's fashion, but I find menswear more dynamic in terms of textures and patterns.  Because men are limited in their core selection of what they can wear, I pay close attention to how different textures, patterns and fabrics work together to create a complete outfit for men. Classic menswear will always have my heart, but this season we are seeing a lot more casual looks and patterned fabrics for men.   

Here are my Top Five fashion and accessory trends for men this Spring/Summer 2017:

army strong

  To shop this look, head over to  ASOS

To shop this look, head over to ASOS

This season we're seeing a lot of army fatigues for men and I love it!   This trend can be implemented into your wardrobe in a variety of ways.  Whether you prefer a trench, pant or ball cap, this pattern can be worn to accentuate your overall look. If you are choosing to go this bold with your print, then the rest of your outfit should be understated and neutral.   You're sure to be seen when wearing a camo-print coat! (Get it, "seen" ... in camo!)





purple reign 

Purple reign, purple reign ... purple is a huge colour for men this season.  It's not a colour that comes up often, but it's definitely making an impact this season.  Purple is a great colour to enhance a neutral outfit.  One of my favourite trends that has been brewing for men this season is the turtleneck sweater.  If you're looking to add more colour to your wardrobe and you want a break from the classic button down, I recommend picking up a coloured turtle neck.  Choose one that is light and breathable so that it could be worn underneath a blazer on a Spring day! 


check-mate, patterned suits

  To shop this look, check out the selection at  ASOS

To shop this look, check out the selection at ASOS

Didn't I tell you bold patterns were hot for the season?  In addition to camouflage and pinstripes, the check pattern is making an appearance in formal menswear.  If you're bold enough, then I recommend that you rock this print head-to-toe.  If you're not as daring, you could add a bit of flair by paring a check print blazer with a khaki coloured chinos and a neutral shirt.  Or, you can pair the pant with a neutral top for a more casual look!







  To shop this look head over to  GANT

To shop this look head over to GANT

An old, personal favourite of mine is back.  I'm a huge fan the pinstripe on a well tailored men's suit.  This is easily my favourite trend for men this Spring/Summer season.  It's the perfect touch of elegance that will carry you into any event.  This look is classic and should be a staple in your closet. Fellas, if you don't already have a pinstripe suit, I urge you pick one up.  It never hurts to invest in a well tailored suit, so why no invest in a trend that's timeless. (This trend tends to stay on repeat!)






  The 'Walker' Laptop Bag - To shop this look, head over to  Timbuk2

The 'Walker' Laptop Bag - To shop this look, head over to Timbuk2

Last, but certainly not least, an over the shoulder knapsack is the top accessory in men's fashion.  A lot of men are ditching the traditional briefcase or duffle bag for an over the shoulder knapsack.  Ladies, don't be fooled, this trend is for us too! I cannot live or function without my knapsack.   Recently, I purchased the 'Walker' laptop bag, pictured here, from Timbuck2.  Timbuck2 is a San Francisco based bag company with locations across North America.  In Toronto, they are located on Queen St. W.  This classic laptop bag,  has multiple, stream-lined pockets for all of my belongings, a padded case for my laptop, and it's made from a durable canvass material with leather accents.  Men or women, if you're looking for new, functional work bags, I highly recommend checking out what Timbuk2 has to offer. 



Guys thanks for reading.  Make sure that you comment below and let me know what looks you plan on rocking for the Spring and Summer.  Also, be sure to keep an eye out for my Spring/Summer Look Book where I will teach you how to individually style these trends. 

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