Millennial Musings - How to manage a professional career with your side hustle.

 I love being in creative space when I'm developing new blog content.  

As a millennial, I consider myself a multi-hyphenate professional and overall creative individual.  I not only practice law, I'm also a stylist/fashion blogger/ freelance writer.  There are a lot of slashes in that title, but I find a way to make it work, without losing my mind... key word there is try!  I pride myself on being able to display all of my talents across different disciplines.  But, I'm not the only one who engages in creative elements outside of law! Or any profession for that matter.  Increasingly, more young professionals are occupying multiple professional spheres.  Several of my friends and colleagues are balancing their professions, while working as  photographers, freelance writers, podcast hosts, or social media influencers.  In the spirit of doing it all, I have developed 5 strategies to keep millennials organized and efficient, when juggling a full-time career with a side hustle or two or three!

Here's how I do it:

1. Develop a business plan. Set Goals. Be realistic. 

It's nice to have ideas, but sometimes an idea cannot manifest into any thing more until you have plan.  I am constantly working on my business plan for my fashion consultancy.  A business plan is key in creating a vision and serves as a guide for the success of your business.  A good business plan should set clear goals and timeless, so that you have something that you are working towards.  When creating your plan, it's important to remember to be realistic.  For example, my consultancy is still in its infancy stage, so I have to be mindful of what I can realistically achieve at this stage of my business. It's okay to shoot for the stars, just don't over shoot. The last thing you want to do is suffer disappointments so early in the game.   I plan for realistic attainable goals that I can achieve in the short term.  I give myself more time to achieve the more difficult longer term goals.  

2. Organization is key. 

If you're going to be successful in business or your career, you have to be organized. Naturally, I'm a planner. I plan for the plan! But, if you're not a planner like me, then you should look into investing in a good organizer or organizational software.  Organizers are a personal choice and you often don't find the right one until you've tried a few. [I'm on my third day planner for the year.  And, I use different day planners and calendars for my businesses].  Currently, I'm using an Orange Circle Studio: Calendars for Today.  I picked this up at Indigo.  It has 12 full calendars and the reminder of the planner is organized in weekly snapshots.  This planner is perfect for me because I'm so visual.  I like to see how my month is shaping up, yet I still get the opportunity to focus and plan each day accordingly.

If you prefer digital softwares, there are number of apps or online resources that you can use to schedule your content/ posts etc.  For blogging, I like Coschedule.  If I'm planning content for Instagram, I use the Planoly app.  Lastly, make use of your cellphone and laptop calendars.  I make sure to sync anything that's in my planner into my iPhone and iCalendar.  Why? Because I frequently need to be altered of upcoming events and dates. I try to keep all of my calendars synced to the best of my ability.  You never want to miss any of your deadlines because it's easy to lose track of dates when you're doing so much! 

3. Get into the habit of working on a schedule. 

Tip 2 and 3 are closely related, but very different.  Things happen and not everything can be scheduled, but you need to get into the habit of getting into a schedule.  My legal practice is very important to me, so I practice law Monday to Friday ... 9-5!  My consultancy is operated on the weekends.  This basic schedule allows me to focus on what I need to focus on when I need to focus on it! Of course, life happens and there are times when I cannot stick to a rigid schedule and that's okay!  It's best to have a basic idea of how you're going to choose to schedule your time to maximize your success! 

For those in the blogger/social media world, you recognize how important scheduling really is to an influencer.  I've gotten better at scheduling my content and writing times because it creates greater efficiency.  

4. Be prepared to work... a lot. No risk, no reward. 

This lifestyle is just that... a lifestyle.  Things take time and you'll need to be prepared to work hard for what it is what you want.  It goes without saying, no risk.. no reward!  The best you can do is envision your success and work towards achieving your goals.  It's all just matter of how dedicated you are to your profession and interests. 

5. Celebrate the small victories.  

As an entrepreneur, I often forget to celebrate the small victories.  It's easy to get consumed in life.  If you're like me, you set a goal then you spend the duration of your time tying to achieve that goal.  But, I seldom take the time to stand in my victories and appreciate all that I've accomplished.  I'm learning to break that habit.  When I achieve a small goal or victory, I take the time to appreciate where I started and how far I've come.  If you're managing a career and side hustle, you have to learn to be kind to yourself.  You working as hard as you can-- managing multiple projects at once-- so take your time and learn to stand in your success! 

Don't forget to comment and let me know some of the cool projects you're working on!  Also, I love collaborating and connecting with other entrepreneurs, so please don't hesitate to reach out.  Let's connect!