2017 Top Fall/ Winter Fashion Trends - Womenswear

Tis the season where I get comfortable in my oversized sweaters & leggings.  You'll also find me holding my all-time fave... a Pumpkin Spice Latte ... shoutout to Starbucks! Think I can get them to sponsor my coffee addiction. 

Seriously, while I absolutely love the summer, fall is my favourite season for fashion.  As the weather cools down, I get the opportunity to wear fancy boots, leather jackets and chunky knit sweaters.  Fall is also a great season because I'm a recovering accessory junkie-- I am absolutely obsessed with patterned scarves, leather gloves, and thigh-high boots!! 

As with every season, I'm running down my fave Fall/Winter fashion trends for 2017.  Here's a look at my Top 5 trends:

1. The Canadian Tuxedo: Denim on denim on denim, oh my! This has to be my favourite trend for the season.  Oddly, I own a ton of denim shirts and jeans, so it makes pairing the two together very easy.  In fact, it's my go to outfit, when I want to put in minimal effort, but still look fab.  Pair with a chunky heel or a pair of combat boots, and you've got a edgy look that's right on trend. 

When looking for the perfect denim fit-- here's a tip: you want your jeans to fit comfortably across the largest part of your body -- waist, hips or thighs! Comfort is key, everything else can be taken in by a good tailor.

2. Checkmate! Plaid is carrying its way forward into the fall.  If you're not bold enough to rock a complete plaid, patterned suit... I recommend picking up the separates to stay on trend.  A plaid boyfriend blazer paired with denim jeans and a great loafers is a funky way to jazz up your casual Friday wardrobe this season. 

3. Winter florals.  Another spring staple is making its way into fall-- Florals!  I actually picked up this beautiful Sunday Best floral dress from Aritizia.  This dress flows really nicely on the body and is breathable, making it a perfect dress to wear as we transition into cooler temperatures. 

4. Bold Solid Colours. One trend that's not really my flavour, but may look great on you, are bold reds.  Now, red has never been my colour, it seems to look good on everyone else but me ... However, if you find the right shade to suit your skin tone, then a red dress is sure to be a showstopper.   If red isn't your colour, there's a silver streak on the rising.  Silver is another huge, bold colour for the season.

5. The Matrix. Leather on leather is a huge trend for this fall/winter season.  I can easily say that this is by far my favourite trend.  For those of you who know me, you're well aware that I spent most of my undergrad years working at Danier Leather!! Woot!  Designers are paring leather tops and bottoms to create looks that are bold and assertive.  If you're daring, how about switching things up and adding a leather suit to your wardrobe.  

Comment below and tell me your fave Fall/Winter fashion trends. Stay tuned for my next post, where I'm counting down my fall/winter menswear trends. 

xoRaquiya Grace.