#SLFMADE: The 3 Apps Every Boss Chick Needs to Organize Her Life

Hi y'all, I'm Taija-- author of Adult_inprogress and founder of The Owl Project.  Adult_Inprogress is where I share a bit about my life and how I navigate 'adulthood.' My goal is to help as many people like myself along the way.

 Taija is a lifestyle blogger @adult_inprograss, and the founder of a tech-based start up The Owl Project. 

Taija is a lifestyle blogger @adult_inprograss, and the founder of a tech-based start up The Owl Project. 

I'm also known as the "tech guru" amongst my friends, which is why I decided to launch The Owl Project.   Have you have ever had to teach your parents or anyone over 50 how to text, or use a tablet? Well, The Owl Project focuses on tech literacy for adults 55+.  I help older adults learn to easily native their smartphones and tables with great ease!  

When it comes to blogging, I have done it all. Adult_in progress was born out of my old blog (My Word Against Yours), which I had for about 4 years.  I completely restructured, rebranded, switched domains, switched focus, and everything in between.  I did all of this, while working my tail off--going to school and running my startup. So, I know a little something about keeping busy, staying organized, and getting a business up and running.   My experience over the last few years has taught me that without structure and organization... daily tasks will never get completed.  Luckily for me, I have found a few tools to help me along the way.

How many times have you found yourself in a rut or you were unsure of how to keep your life and finances organized?  In today’s blog, I’m suggesting key applications to simplify your life, ease stress, and get your dollars and cents in order.  Best of all, these apps are free! Nothing makes my heart sing more than something that helps me immensely and is free of charge. WIN!

If you’re not a fan of cell phone apps, don’t worry, each of the apps mentioned in today's article have a corresponding website. If you prefer to get organized by using your computer, then these options are available for you too!

 Image courtesy of  @adult_inprogress

Image courtesy of @adult_inprogress

Without further ado, here are the top three apps every boss chick needs in her life … you can thank me later!

  1. Zapier- Now, if you're anything like myself, you’ll have multiple projects on the at any given time, so an app that will help you stay organized is a blessing. If you’re a boss chick with multiple projects on the go, then say hello to Zapier!  So what does this app actually do?  Zapier creates automations which allows for two different applications to correspond to each other.  There's a direct "If/then" response between the two applications.  "If I post on this application, then it will trigger a reminder for a follow up action on another application.   w For example, every time I post a picture on Instagram, Zapier automatically pins the photo to a specific board on my Pinterest account.  This automatic response saves me the time and energy it would take to repost and reschedule content across both social platforms.   Zapier can also work with google spreadsheets, gmail, and many other popular social platforms to create multiple automations that are specific to your business.  Take a  look at the app list below to see which automations you can create to increase productivity in your business. App list  
  2. Mint- If you’ve been following me @adult_inprogress, then you know that I have a great fondness for budgeting and making my way towards financial freedom. Mint is my go-to app for all things budgeting and finance. I love this app and not only because it can track my expenses and send me emails when I have a gone over budget, but Mint helps me set financial goals, like paying off debt, or saving for a rainy day.  Mint is available both as an app on your phone and online.  The website is where you can use the app to its full capabilities.  I recommend taking the time to explore the Mint app and website to get a better sense of how the app can help you manage your finances.  Be sure to do your research of the app and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  
  3. Asana- A true girl boss knows that an essential component to running a business is client development.  You always want to maintain good client relations, by being on time, organized and prepared to meet the needs of those clients.  As you grow your business, your clientele and project lists are bound to increase.   Asana helps to keep you organized by managing your tasks, notes, and to-do lists.  Asana is a great app because of its ability to share those tasks and notes with your clients or members of your team.   It keeps you on top of all priority matters and ensures that each member of your team is on the same page, or better yet, the same app! If you're a digitalist, like myself, then Asana will definitely be the answer to your business prayers and needs.  

Hopefully, I've delivered on my promise and made your life as a #girlboss a little easier.   Don’t forget to comment below and let us know some of your key organizational and life-changing apps.  Be sure to follow me @adult_inprogress, until next time- xoTai.