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Wardrobe and personal styling are another one of her greatest passions.  From her beginnings in retail management to her day-to-day advocacy on behalf of her fashion-based clients, Raquiya is forging a path to ensure that young professional feel confident and self-assured in their personal sense of style.  RaquiyaGrace.com offers a wide range of styling services to help you transition from workday to weekend!  If you're looking to style your next lookbook, or a blogger looking for assistance with your next photo shoot, or you need help curating your day-to-day wardrobe,  she's here to help you create effortless styles for any occasion!

Client's value and admire Raquiya's knowledge, patience and ability to help guide them through their fashionable journeys....

Now I'm not the most fashion-forward guy around so, being too old to bring my mother shopping, I desperately needed the help of someone who had their finger on the pulse... She was able to give me some realistic breakdown of what items I could get for my budget, what's stores would be best for what I wanted, and was able to come to me - which made my life a lot easier.  She researched some great sales which saved me over $300, I got all the items I wanted, and now I look damn fine. I'd definitely recommend Raquiya to anyone looking to update their wardrobe.  
- P. Crozier, Criminal Defence Lawyer, Alberta, CA

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Raquiya Grace has worked with several publications and brands to share her knowledge of personal wardrobing and confidence young professionals.  As a freelance writer, her work has been featured in Precedent Magazine, both in print and online, Dare to Be Magazine, and various other influential blogs.  She has been featured in Podcast interviews and regularly speaks on various panels, discussing entrepreneurialism, fashion, and media law.  Most recently, she was a guest panellist at Osgoode Hall Law School, along with her colleagues in Toronto and California, to discuss the emergence of fashion law in Canada and the US.  Her work as a creative entrepreneur taught her a thing or two about living fearlessly and creating a life that's hardly status quo.  It is that same dynamism and fearlessness (with a touch of glam, of course) that Raquiya brings to each of her creative partnerships.  

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